WTF Commercials, Part 3

I am highly intrigued by the Sprint Framily, also known as the Frobinsons.

The original Framily commercials made a lot more sense–a family, or a group of people who were always together, like a band, could save money by adding more people to their family phone plan, regardless of whether or not they were actually family. Even if they thought someone was creepy or annoying, the point was that they could save a lot of money by adding them.

Then, presumably, the admen behind the Framily wanted to give us a really unusual group of family members who could, despite their differences, express their love of one another through texting and data plans. Instead, we have a disjointed cast of characters that create a unit that Seth MacFarlane would find unrealistic.

So apparently, the mom is a mom, the dad is a hamster, the sons are a hipster and a hillbilly, and the daughter is a French child who is, for reasons I cannot fathom, surrounded by animated birds at all times. Is she Snow White? Is she from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Why do I find her a stranger member of the Framily than the hamster-dad?

I get the general intent of this ad, but it was a lot more direct in its original incarnation. The Framily is charming, but I don’t really get why they switched to this model. If they had been turned down from other phone companies but then accepted by Sprint, or maybe they were all so different and needed lots of features in their phone plan that Sprint could provide, that would actually make sense. Instead, they just kind of…dance and hate Goths.



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