Do aliens exist? According to all the people who claim their eggs and sperm have been harvested by star beings, yes. I don’t normally consider people who claim to be the parent of hybrid space children to be the pinnacle of trustworthiness, but there are some interesting, even compelling moments in The Hidden Hand: Alien Contact & the Government Cover-Up, my most recent watch in my 100 movies challenge.

There are former military employees who claim that they’ve had to hide evidence of UFOs, or have been forbidden to talk about certain projects by their superiors. The fact that sightings of UFOs and alien beings have been around for thousands of years is hard to ignore. Are there really people who have been abducted and harvested? I feel like that’s less likely. But I’ve never been abducted by aliens and had implants forced up my nose, or if I have, I have thankfully managed to forget about it.

What gets me is the sureness of some of these people about what aliens are like. It’s one thing when the experts say something like “In the last ten years, there have been over 10,000 reports of UFOs” (a statistic I completely made up, which might qualify me to speak on the Alien Panel). It’s another thing to say “There are psychic friendly ones and unfriendly psychic ones” or “They have no genitals” or “Their ships are designed specifically for capturing humans”. You might need to check your facts there, buddy. I’m pretty sure your acid trip doesn’t count as research.

It’s an interesting watch, at any rate, and it does make you think about some aspects of aliens/UFOs. If you want to get tricked into believing aliens are coming for our organs, maybe just watch The Fourth Kind.


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