The Good, The Bad and The Molly

Spoilers ahead, btw.

Things I enjoyed about Lovely Molly:

  • Much of it was shot in my hometown, and the mall where Molly works in the film is the mall I spent much of my young adulthood in. You can even see the sign for the Motel 6 by the highway outside of the mall, a motel that is worthy of a horror film of its own on looks alone.
  • The actress who plays Molly, Gretchen Lodge, can change emotional states at the drop of a hat, and it’s really uncanny. Full-on, hysterical crying screeches to a halt and becomes evil laughter or complete blankness instantly.
  • It’s an interesting concept for a horror movie, and avoids the overly-explainedness that a lot of possession/demon movies like to use (I’m looking at you, Paranormal Activity franchise). No elaborate coven backstory, no deal with the devil, just Molly flipping out.

Things I did not enjoy about Lovely Molly:

  • On the flip side, there’s hardly ANY explanation of ANYthing. Why did Hannah kill their dad? What was the backstory on Molly’s drug problem? What happened to their mom? I don’t need an entire tome written on Molly’s background, but a LITTLE reveal would have been nice.
  • The switching between found-footage and traditional camera work was irritating. Pick one or the other.

Things I found entirely confusing about Lovely Molly:

  • I had no idea if Hannah was trying to protect Molly, or if she was trying to deliver her into the hands of the evil forces in the house. Are they both pawns of the devil? If so, why did she kill their (apparently demonic?) father? Who’s evil in this movie, and who’s just being used?
  • Why was Molly stashing a decomposing deer corpse in the house? Would it be so hard to explain what the deer corpse was doing in the house?
  • Is the monster thing at the end their dad? Was their dad also the one that was sexually assaulting her? Did he get reborn as a monster after Hannah killed him?
  • I understand, to some extent once I reached the end, why Molly kept filming the neighbor. If she suspected (correctly) that Tim was cheating on her with the neighbor, she wanted to get video evidence of it happening. I don’t understand why she kept filming the daughter and then killed her. Was it revenge on the neighbor for seducing her husband away? If so, doesn’t that seem like a personal issue for the devil to handle (if Molly is being possessed by the devil at that point, which I don’t even know)? “Hey, while I’m using your body for my own evil purposes, I can stick it to the lady who stole your husband. We both win!”

I’m sure I’m overthinking this movie to some extent, and it was enjoyable enough to watch (and neat to see some familiar locations). But really, guys, I need answers.


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